Get Back Your Mobility, Strength and Function

Time won't heal all wounds. But quality time with your physio at Midtown can help...
Because physiotherapy works. We help you set ambitious, but realistic goals. A physio plan has a destination, with milestones so you can chart your progress. Our centrally-located clinic is located steps south from the subway at Yonge and St. Clair. If you can't come to us, our physiotherapists can visit homes around Deer Park, Rosedale, Forest Hill, Moore Park and beyond. Whether it is in our clinic or your home, our focus is always the same: helping you recover from injuries and setbacks to achieve your health, strength and mobility goals.

Our Physios & Staff

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Caitlin Sawicky PT


A caring, client-centred, evidence based approach to helping you achieve and maintain your health and rehabilitation goals. Caitlin utilizes a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue release, dry needling, exercise prescription and education to resolve your symptoms and promote self-management.

Lauren Sager PT


Trained in manual therapy, soft-tissue release, dry needling, therapeutic taping and self-management, Lauren brings full toolkit in her assessment and treatment of clients. Lauren recently moved back to Toronto from Alberta, where she practiced after completing her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from McMaster University.

Courtney Mahoney PT


Courtney is trained in Dry Needling to treat a variety of musculoskeletal, myofascial syndromes and soft tissue injuries. Courtney has also completed her Level 1 Neurokinetic Therapy, aimed at treating and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns. Additionally, Courtney has also completed the Level 1 Manual Therapy Course. Courtney uses her background in competitive sports to aid in building sport specific exercise programs.

Marc Nyte PT


Great news for our at home physio. Marc is back from his UK sojourn. Drawing on his extensive experience in physiotherapy, fitness training, yoga, Pilates and massage techniques, Marc works in-home, especially with post surgery clients, but also with longer term strength and balance maintenance.

Wendi Gallagher PT


Passionate, genuine, and truly motivated to see you through to a full and lasting recovery. Wendi incorporates therapeutic exercise, advanced manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, and dry needling into her treatment approach.

Brianne Burton PT


A passion for biomechanics, movement, and a holistic approach to health. Brianne can help you recover using hands-on therapy in combination with client-specific exercise prescription to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries.


We know that a good physiotherapist can change people's lives. We know we can help aleve pain, improve strength and function. We know we can help people get back something they thought they've lost. We also know it's hard, and encouragement brings results.