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Physiotherapy works

If you are keeping your social bubbles tiny, or simply relocated to cottage country, online "virtual" physio might serve you best. Yes, socially-distant physio is available, giving you one-to-one video sessions over the internet. Midtown Physio can do a thorough assessment, then develop your plan to reach function and mobility goals, setting milestones along the way to mark your progress. Get back doing what you do, even while you're still staying in. Book a virtual session today

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Physio & COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated stay-at-home measures for the safety and well being of the public. While we stay-at-home, we don’t need to stay in pain. Social-distancing physio is available now.
Your Location You may endure pain because you live in remote locations that can be hours – or even days – away from the closest physiotherapist. With online options, access to treatment is an obstacle no longer.
Accessibility to Transport The inability to drive after major surgery or injury for upwards of a month and a half meant that those without someone to take them to appointments were unable to get the physio guidance they needed. Online appointments take care of that now.
Not Having the Time? The demands of everyday life can sometimes leave you feeling exhausted or overwhelmed and without the capacity to consider a physiotherapy routine. With the increase of time you’re now spending at home, now is the perfect time to begin online physio.