First Visit FAQs

Is Physio Right For Me? Is Midtown?

Going for physio probably isn't as familiar as going to the doctor or a pharmacy. But doctors and pharmacists won't hesitate when they need physio.

Because physiotherapy works. At Midtown Physiotherapy at Yonge and St. Clair we practice evidence-based techniques that improve mobility, strength, and function. Your program will be a personalized recovery route map that we develop and travel together. We will equip and encourage your progress through a course of sessions, reinforced by exercises you do at home. Through this process we help you reach specific milestones, and ultimately that goal you set for yourself at the outset.

1What happens at my first visit?
Your first visit is always a 60 minute of one-on-one. We listen to your concerns, assess your strength, mobility, and function. Then we begin the treatment. You will be given details about your individualized treatment plan, including how often you can expect to come for follow-up (you should expect to come for more visits). We also provide you with exercises at home between sessions. And these exercises are crucial. In physiotherapy you are an active participant in your recovery.

Follow-up appointments are either 30 or 45 minutes.

2Where should I park?
We are a short walk from the subway and streetcar. For drivers, the best option is the Green P lot on Rosehill just a hundred metres from the clinic. You might find free street parking on Balmoral after 10 am, or meter parking on Jackes (east of Yonge), but both are limited.
3What are your fees?
60-minute initial assessment: $125
30-minute follow-up: $92
45-minute follow-up: $125

Home Physiotherapy
Initial assessment: $140
Follow-up visits: $140

4Can you do all the paperwork for my insurance?
Most private insurance plans include physio, and now usually don't require a doctor's referral. But you need to confirm that with your provider. We are also able to bill most insurance companies directly, so you won't be out of pocket awaiting reimbursement.

5You can do in-home physio?
We are able to offer all of our services in-home and in-clinic. This is particularly helpful immediately after a hip or knee replacement, or serious surgery. It also appeals to some clients; home visits offer a familiar environment. Or you can combine sessions at-home and in-clinic, allowing you to benefit from the clinic's non-portable equipment.

6What about OHIP?
We cannot offer government-funded physiotherapy services but are happy to help you find a clinic that does.
7Most people have important questions of their own
The easiest way is to ask—
(416) 792-7447
Shalini at our front desk can answer your questions and let you know what your treatment might look like. She is also brilliant at helping identify your issues and what you want to achieve, which can jump-start the assessment during your first visit.

Alternatively, you can book online, email [email protected], or just drop by the clinic.